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We have now exceeded our target of 30 interviews with parents and 50 interviews with clinicians and trial team members, and recruitment for this part of the study is complete


If you would still like to contribute to the study, you can take part by sending us comments via the website. Follow this link to give us your views.

These pages are for parents who are interested in taking part in the BRACELET Study.  We are trying to help to improve how research with sick babies is carried out by looking at how people feel about research in neonatal intensive care.  This study aims to find out more about the situation where parents agree that their baby can enter a clinical trial and then later their baby dies.  Unfortunately this can happen quite often in neonatal intensive care trials.  Babies receiving neonatal intensive care are very sick and we know that about 20% of babies enrolled in neonatal trials do not survive.

The website makes all of the information about our research available in one place.  It also tells you about different ways to take part in the study.  Click on the links below for:

Information about the BRACELET Study

How can I take part in the BRACELET Study?

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